Shelled hazelnuts 300g


They’re nuts!

Hazelnuts are great on their own as an energy-boosting snack, or as an addition to sweet and savoury dishes such as soups, salads and cheese. And have you tried a hazelnut drink before?

Mix a handful of hazelnuts with milk and a pinch of sugar or a dollop of honey for an original taste that kids will love. Our tip: grill the hazelnuts for a few minutes in a non-stick frying pan to really bring out their flavour.
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Whole shelled hazelnuts.

Ingredients: Whole shelled hazelnuts. May contain traces of peanuts, gluten, sesame and soya.

Net weight: 300g

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

To keep this product at its best, reseal the stay-fresh bag with the self-adhesive tab after use.

Keep this product out of the reach of SMALL CHILDREN, as they could swallow them whole.

Energy 2822 kJ / 683kcal

of which saturates

63 g

5,2 g


of which sugars

5,7 g

3,3 g

Protein 19,3 g
Salt 0,013 g