Explore the incredible benefits of dried fruit and nuts!

Dried fruit and nuts are highly nutritious and help maintain a balanced diet. They’re great for your health and provide slow-release energy throughout the day.

Here at SUN, we love dried fruit and nuts because they’re natural, delicious and so very varied. In fact, there are so many different varieties, flavours, tastes and textures that inspire us each and every day!

Our SUN brand is about bringing these benefits to everyone. So whether you’re intrigued, a novice or a seasoned foodie, an athlete, young or old – come and join the SUN adventure!

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SUN is a COLOR FOODS brand.

Discover our know-how, our factory in Marseille and where do the raw materials come from !


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1947: COLOR is founded

COLOR – an acronym of Compagnie des Oasis de L’Oued Rhir – was founded by the Dewavrin family in Marseille to sell dates produced at its oases in Algeria.

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1996-2000: VGB takes over the business

VGB, owned by the Vergez and Chehboub brothers, bought a 65% stake in COLOR, and in 1996 the company moved to a brand-new production facility in the Saumaty-Séon business park in Marseille. In 2000, VGB bought the remaining stake in COLOR and SUN began working with all the supermarkets and mass retailers.



2010: COLOR FOODS, a 100% family-owned firm, is born 

Emmanuel and Franck Vergez bought out VGB’s stake in COLOR and named the company COLOR FOODS – a 100% family-owned firm employing around 40 people.
The new owners invested heavily in the business in an effort to modernise its production facilities.


COLOR FOODS is now a family-owned SME employing around 65 people. In 2016, it recorded turnover of €48 million, and the company stepped up its marketing efforts around the SUN brand, with new, more modern branding.

How the SUN logo has changed over the years


1986: the business diversifies

The SUN brand was created to sell all types of dried fruit and nuts, which remain instrumental to the brand’s success to this day.



2007-2009: The range expands

SUN launched a series of new ranges in this period:

  • Our soft fruits, which harnessed our expertise in rehydration.
  • Our famous “Douchou” products – caramelised peanuts made in the traditional way in Marseille.
  • Our “Croqandises” range of pre-dinner fruit and seed nibbles – perfect for any social occasion.
  • Our “100% Natural” dried fruit punnets – fruit and nothing but fruit!
    SUN offers a wide variety of dried fruit and nuts to keep food lovers everywhere happy.


2015-2016: Winds of change

SUN launched a range of healthy snacking products, with its “SUN CUP” collection of soft fruit and dried fruit and nut mix pots.

The brand also added new flavoured caramel-coated peanuts to its gourmet “Douchou” range, in salted caramel and coconut.

It also introduced the “Mon Tour Malin” range – a selection of cooking ingredients comprising dried fruit, nuts and powders – as well as mini mixes for ready-to-eat salads.

How the SUN logo has changed over the years:

Putting people first

At COLOR FOODS, our people – employees and managers alike – are what make our business tick. We want our company to be a happy place to work, each and every day, where our employees can give their best and grow.
Treating our people right is extremely important to us. That’s why we place such importance on respect, community and communication in everything we do. Looking after our people is our number one priority. As our Chairman Emmanuel Vergez says: “Looking after other people is about looking after yourself. Happy, fulfilled people are more motivated and do better work. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.”
Our people are proud to work for us and really believe in our SUN brand. The success of our brand stands testament to the success of the people who work hard, day in, day out, to bring you the very best products. When we talk about SUN products, we recognise the hard work and effort that our people put in.
It gives us great pride to see SUN-branded products on supermarket shelves – and in your home!

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Our commitments

Here at SUN, we believe (perhaps naively) in making the world a better place. We do our bit to be conscientious and show respect for the environment, our people, our products, our customers and our suppliers. We take the long view in our dealings with the people and organisations we work with, and in the work we do:

  • We treat our suppliers as partners, because a healthy business relationship helps to build trust and ensures we receive only the very best raw materials.
  • We invest regularly in our business to improve our production processes, to innovate, and to ease the workload on our staff.
  • We help our customers improve their offering and we harness our knowledge and expertise to produce own-brand products. We never stop innovating, adding ever more value and making sure our products reflect what consumers want.
  • We work hard to shrink our environmental footprint by sorting our waste and doing our bit to promote recycling (printing information on our packaging and using eco-friendly packaging). All our people have received training on sorting waste and limiting the amount of non-recyclable waste they produce. Whenever we develop a new product, we always keep the amount of packaging to a minimum.
  • We don’t believe in outsourcing. We have a highly skilled workforce right in here in France. We know our people well, and we trust their unique knowledge and expertise.

That’s why we are committed to bringing you top-quality products, in a way that’s good for local agriculture and manufacturing. Our Sun brand reflects our commitment to bringing our customers the very best dried fruit and nuts.

Our raw materials

Our commitment to quality starts when we source raw materials that meet our rigorous standards, from all four corners of the globe. Our buyers visit our suppliers on a regular basis, so that we stay in control of our procurement process and develop purposeful partnerships with the businesses that supply to us.

All batches of raw materials arriving at our processing facility in Marseille undergo strict checks to make sure that they comply with the law and our specifications. In addition to these checks, some raw materials undergo a taste test, by our internal panel, to make sure they taste just right.
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Our processes

Our processing facility in Marseille was awarded International Food Standard (IFS) V6 High Level certification in 2013, meaning that we meet the requisite quality and food safety standards. We work hard throughout the year to make sure we comply with these standards and implement good hygiene practices, through self-checks and internal process audits.

Our people

We take just as much care of our people as we do our products. We have documented risk prevention plans and we do everything we can to improve working conditions for our operators.


Our expertise is recognised by the entire mass retail sector in France, which is where we sell most of our products. You can find SUN-branded products in most supermarket and hypermarkets throughout France, such as Auchan, Carrefour, Leclerc, Système U,

Our products are sold in the fruit and veg section of these stores.

You’ll also find our Douchou and SUN CUP products in Pathé Gaumont cinemas throughout France, as well as in Relay stores.

We also sell our products online on amazon.fr.

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Where to find us ?

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